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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Outlawz Color Challenge - Feb 14th

Howdy, crafters! Well, guess what day it is? It's a New Color Challenge Day, that's what it is! And where? Over at The Outlawz, that's where! I hope you come join us! Before I go on, though, let me show you the photo inspiration for this week:
Wow! How awesome is this board? Lots of colors to choose from! And you only have to pick 3 in a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) with a twist of Add a Heart! Now here's my card for this week:
I admit, I added a lot of colors, but my main colors I was going for were the top row, left to right: Teal, Hot Pink, and Lime. As you can see, those are my primary colors in my card. And did I stop at 1 heart? Well, of course not! Haha! There are 3 heads in this cute monster, so it definitely needed 3 hearts! Right?

Now, I have been feeling poorly this past the point of not being able to move my head without severe pain to my neck and head. So, as I was feeling somewhat better, I thought I'd go ahead and get my project done, even though the DT Admin said to take care of me, and not worry about it. She's a sweetie! This is a great group of ladies! I did have some help this time, though. Our sponsor for this month is Bugaboo Stamps, and the winner will receive 5 single digitals!! Wow!!
I used my Silhouette Portrait to not only cut the monster out (by Bugaboo Stamps, Monster 3), I also cut out my decorative mounting pieces too. Before I did any kind of mounting, though, I colored my digital with my Silhouette along with the polka dotted paper. My neck would not let me bend very much to do a good coloring. And since these colors were so good for this little guy, the digital coloring was perfect! I then mounted him onto the printed paper, then onto black cardstock, then onto orange (tangerine) paper, and finally onto my teal base. I then took my Silhouette and cut out 3 pink hearts. So, as you see, I got a lot of help....from my Silhouette!
I'm so glad you stopped by, and I hope you will come join us at our challenge this week!
Blessings, Jeanie Ellis - Scrapbookingmamaw

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